Frequently Asked Questions

Which nations are more preferable for buying generic medications?

Aside from countries like the United States and Canada, generic pharmaceutical products will also be fabricated in countries such as India and the European Union too.

Are the medications considered secure for application?

Due to the European in addition to global legal guidelines using the security and viability of these medicinal drugs, the creation of generic drugs has been completed while abiding by regulations together with the greatest standards of security and quality. Therefore, these medications are secure for application.

What is the process of purchasing a medication via prescription?

Giving a scanned copy of your prescription to our email shall enable you with our medication delivery services, and we’re going to then be sending you the prescribed medications (for more details, click on

Generally, how long does it take to my prescribed medication to arrive?

The usual time was taken from the ordering to the completion of dispatch process is about 10 to 14 days. However, some delay might happen because of occasional technical problems, and the procedure may take 30 days at maximum.

One of the Significant delaying factors to this shipping is the Time taken to get approval from habit control, which may get extended largely Because of the significant number of bundles, lawful protocols, too flight timings.

Is there any way to track the progress of my purchase?

Your order could be tracked down using the tracking number assigned by the company. In case you have missed the tracking number information or have misplaced it, it is still possible to keep track of your order, but it would require you to send a mail to the organization requesting the tracking number. While placing the order, you can always ask the logistic support’s name to our customer support Providers.

I have put my order, can I offset it now?

The supply of cancelling your order will likely be applied only as long as the arrangement hasn’t yet been discharged for dispatch finally. Your purchasing number shall be deducted from the situation mentioned above, and you will be charged with the cancellation fee simply. However, in the event the orders have been processed or shipped by us, they will not be pinpointed, which in some instances can occur within 12 hours following the order arrangement.

If I got the wrong dosage so what should i do?

In these circumstances, you have to contact us immediately. I will be sending you the correct dose.

What happened if I give an incorrect email address?

If you provide an incorrect email address, you will not get receiving a confirmation mail. You have to repeat the registration process and correct your email address.

Do generic drugs take longer to function from the body?

No, Generic drugs work in the same way and in the Identical Quantity of time as brand-name drugs.

How to treat Erectile dysfunction problem?

You can treat the ED problem in various ways. You can take oral medication, penile injection, sex therapy, and surgery, Vacuum pumps. Another alternative you can take doctor suggestions takes proper steps.

Why are generic drugs less expensive?

They are creating a drug cost, a lot of money. Since generic drug manufacturers do not produce a drug from scratch, the costs to bring the drug to market are far less. However, they have to show their product works in the same way as the brand new drug. FDA approves all generic drugs. Your medicine guide should be kept together with you and up to date. List your over-the-counter and prescription medications as well as your dietary supplements.

How can my doctor treat erectile dysfunction?

Your doctor will start with treating the root cause of your Erectile Dysfunction. This may include indicating lifestyle modifications and changes in your prescription drug regimen to treat another disease or counseling. Your physician might even recommend using a vacuum erection device called a penile pump as a noninvasive approach to accomplish an erection. Prescription oral medications and injections are very frequent remedies. Surgery to implant ED apparatus or reconstruct arteries in the penis could tackle ED that does not respond to conventional measures.

Are there psychological causes for Erectile Dysfunction?

Yes. It is quite common to observe a mix of psychological and physical causes, but pure emotional reasons are unusual. Problems with the capacity to get and keep an erection may also be caused by stress, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, humiliation, guilt, and many other explanations.