EXTRA SUPER TADARISE- Tadalafil 40mg & Dapoxetine 60mg Tablets

Sexual problems are very common and can affect a man’s sexual health. Some of these sexual problems are erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Extra Super Tadarise is a combination drug that is effective in improving a man’s overall sexual performance by two main functions – it helps a man achieve and maintain erections long enough until a man desires to ejaculate for it also helps a man improve control over ejaculation.

Extra Super Tadarise is a drug that is prescribed to help men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

and premature ejaculation. It contains contains 40mg of Tadalafil and 60mg of Dapoxetine as the active ingredients.

Tadalafil prevents the action of the enzyme phosphodiesterase-5 which results to the widening or relaxation of blood vessels thereby improving blood flow to the penis. Increased blood flow leads to an erection.

Dapoxetine increases levels and activity of serotonin in the nervous system to delay ejaculation reflex and prolongs the time from vaginal penetration until ejaculation.

This drug helps improve a man’s control over ejaculation and sexual satisfaction, and reduces personal distress and difficulty.

Extra Super Tadarise does not cure erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, protect from sexually transmitted diseases, increase a man’s libido, nor serves as a form of birth control in men.

What is Extra Super Tadarise

Extra Super Tadarise is a powerful medicine to treat sexual problems like erection dysfunction and premature ejaculations in males.

This medicine is for you if you want a hard erection which lasts long or desire to hold on to your ejaculation till just the right time. But it will not work in the absence of a sexual stimulation.

How to take extra super tadarise?

A standard daily dosage of the extra super tadarise online is a single pill taken at shortest 40 minutes before the sexual intercourse.

Extra Super Tadarise can be capture with or without food. Do not stop or split a Tadarise 10mg medicine.

It is necessity to take the tablet only before you plan on having intimacy and give it some time to start performing the impact. You don’t need to transport the pill daily if you don’t plan on having sex every day.

Precautions for Extra Super Tadarise

The patients should not consume this medication when they are already taking nitrate drugs which are utilized for curing chest pain or cardiac diseases.

Consuming Super Tadarise (Tadalafil 20mg & Dapoxetine 60mg)  with nitrate drugs may lead to the abrupt and a serious reduction in the level of blood pressure.

Since there are various other medicines too which can pose dangerous effects when consumed with this oral ED medication, thus you should always communicate with the doctor about all the current drugs you are on especially the riociguat.

Also, seek emergency medical help when erection is painful or when it lasts for a period of more than four hours. Contact specialists immediately if you experience the symptom of nausea, dizziness or chest pain during sexual activity.

Possible Side Effects for Extra Super Tadarise

  • Priapism, prolonged erection
  • Allergy or hypersensitivity
  • Loss of vision, eye or ear pain
  • Chest pain
  • Swelling in the extremities
  • Shortness of breath,
  • Heartbeat irregularities


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